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Foliage Green / 6-Inch

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StrapGear utility straps are made from a proprietary blend of silicone that makes them ideal for outdoor and home use where versatility and weatherability are desired. Wet, dry, hot or cold, long trek or quick trip down the river, StrapGear straps keep things secured. The satin finish silicone strap surface securely grips loads and items to reduce slipping and movement. The design includes reinforced swivel hooks from tough engineered resin that hold tight and protect what you are strapping down, while keeping the strap lightweight. Attach the swivel hook back around into one of the molded-in holes to create a loop. Attach several straps together to easily solve the most complex securing challenge. Replace your old tie-downs, Bungee cord straps, rope, webbing straps, compression straps, and cable straps.

  • Attractive design includes swivel hooks that spin 360 degrees, yet are smooth so they don't tear up or scratch your gear

  • Hooks secure into strap eyelet holes for maximum adjustability and versatility

  • Excellent UV resistance while keeping elasticity in cold temperatures, waterproof and won't harden with age

  • Stretches up to 2 times original length and secures up to 15-30 lbs. depending on use

  • Grippy to help prevent slipping, great for many outdoor, home, or automotive uses